Friday, 19 November 2010

Sometimes a pattern just grabs me...

... and I have a 'Must Knit Now' moment.

This happened to me a couple of days ago. I was catching up on other blogs (ironic really when I neglect this one so shamefully) and saw Grumperina's post about her new pattern, Volna and new that it was something I had/needed to knit. Straight Away. Despite all the other WIPs. I even knew which yarn I'd be using - the Handmaiden Swiss Mountain Sea Silk that my husband bought me for my birthday. It's in the Pansy colourway and is a glorious mix of rich, jewel-like purple, blue and green. The pattern was purchased on Weds evening and the yarn wound with my Sunflower swift (birthday present from hubby). Yesterday morning had me rushing to feed the dogs as soon as the girls had gone off to school, make a cup of tea and sit down with pattern, needle (using my 4mm KnitPro Spectra Flair tips - the pink ones!!) and yarn.

The pattern's not difficult as such, but it does need a bit of concentration. Not because of any difficult stitches (it's garter stitch, with k2tog yo eyelets and short rows), but because there's a main pattern and then two wave or wedge patterns (the main pattern separates each wave) and the repeats of each section don't start at row 1 either. So, I took some time yesterday to make a spreadsheet of each step of the pattern so that I can keep track.

Anyone else planning on making this I'd advise to read through the pattern first and use both the written instructions as well as the charts, at least for the first pattern repeat. Once you get going, everything falls into place - a bit like with socks after you've turned your first heel.

Anyway, I'm having to limit my time on this as a. I have a household to run and b. I have other WIPs on the go that I want to finish, especially the socks I'm knitting for my Mum. She paid for the yarn, so I really should get on with them. Normally a pair of socks wouldn't be a problem, but I decided to do these in a k4, p2 rib on the leg and, quite frankly, they're a pain. Still - I think I've got 35 rounds of the leg to go, then 15 rows of k1, p2 ribbing for the cuff on the second sock and then I'll be free to concentrate on my other WIPs (although there's always the possibility that I'll cast on something else).

I'm also being very firm with myself about stash-busting. I bought 5 x 200g balls of James C Brett Marble Chunky this week (which I'm hoping the postman will deliver today) as I want to make myself a Sloppy Joe type sweater using Elizabeth Zimmerman's 'percentage' sweater from Knitting Without Tears, but then that's it.

That's all for now.

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