Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Versatile Blogger

Mara at Fantasia Yarns has nominated me for a blogging award, which is very nice.

The brief is to list seven things about me that you might not know and nominate five other blogs.

So, here goes with my seven things:

1.  I am left-handed, which means I knit and crochet in a way that my mother has described as "cack-handed".

2.  I'm not a very good, or enthusiastic gardener.

3.  I have no curtains up at my lounge window.  We recently put up new net curtains and I've shortened the proper curtains so they'll fit, but am waiting for hubby to put up the rail.  He was going to do it last week, but his drill has broken, so it's been postponed yet again.

4.  My hair is not naturally the colour it is.

5.  I can't bear liver - not even to touch so my husband, who loves it, only gets to eat it if he cooks it himself when I'm at work on a Saturday evening.

6.  I don't really 'get' Facebook, even though I've got an account.  Generally speaking, I use it to play games.

7.  I should exercise more than I do (dog walking's about as good as it gets).

Now, I have to nominate five other blogs and I've decided on these ones:

Clicky Needles

Knitting for Sanity

Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy

Yarnaholics Not So Anonymous

Ozzy Blackbeard Knits

Most of these people I 'know' from the Phoenix Knitters web forum.

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  1. Thank you Christine for the very kind nomination - you made my day!