Thursday, 7 June 2012

Getting Through the Stash

I've just put into my spreadsheet the yarn used for a blanket and a pair of socks I've finished in the last few days.

So far in 2012 I have:

Bought 8,324 metres of yarn (yes, I know - far too much and I don't even know why I bought a ball of 4ply baby yarn last Friday other than it's a pretty baby blue).

Used 11,211 metres of yarn.

This means that I've knitted or crocheted 2,887 metres more yarn than I've bought.

Which is a good thing.  Not as good as having used 11,211 metres of yarn and not bought any, but at least I'm not negative on the yarn bought vs yarn used thing..... right?

The blanket is another Vintage Vertical Stripe which I made using various blue acrylic DK and white.  The blue stripes vary in width in order - 3, 2, 1, with one row of white separating each blue stripe.  I had to substitute some of the blues at the end as I ran out of a couple of the colours, but I think it looks ok.

I did the border all in white:

A two-treble mini-cluster into one row, then a half-treble in the next row to even up the side edges followed by two rounds of trebles, one round of doubles and then a round of crab stitch to finish off.  I haven't measured it, but from memory, it's something like 30" x 36".  This will be passed on to Nadia to go in her box of knitted and crocheted items destined for a charity in Romania.

I also finished my 'Marmite' socks.

These are from handspun Colinette fibre in the paintbox colour.  I think I've mentioned that this was a bit funny looking - long stretches of off-white fibre with brightly coloured blobs every now and then.  It took ages to spin up though, so I didn't want all that spinning time to go to waste.  I used a 2.75mm needle for these as the yarn was a heavy sport/light DK weight.  They feel very soft on and, although they're 100% merino and will probably wear out quite quickly, I'm happy with them.  They'll certainly keep my feet warm.

I'd planned on knitting on my Nympheas scarf today, but I didn't get much sleep last night as DD2 was in a non-sleeping mood, so I've cast on another pair of socks and will knit on those while reading my book.  I did all the ironing yesterday and today I'm only washing non-ironing things such as towels.  School uniform laundry and can wait until tomorrow.

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  1. Congratulations on using more yarn than you've bought! It makes perfect sense to me - result!! I love your blanket and socks, merino socks sound gorgeous, and I do like the colours.