Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Two cardigans - technically speaking

When my husband told me at the beginning of July that this month I should buy some clothes for myself, I'm not sure this is what he had in mind:

Technically, both are cardigans.  It's just that one lot needs to be knitted and the other lot needs to be spun into yarn and then knitted.

The purple is King Cole merino blend 4ply in the colour Damson.  That's going to be Breckon by Amy Christoffers.

The fleece/fibre/roving/whatnot is some North Ronaldsay and is destined to become a Reine by Alexis Winslow.

Both patterns are from Wool People Vol 3 by the Brooklyn Tweed team.  Although Loop London now stock Brooklyn Tweed yarns, the budget wouldn't stretch that far -- yet.  I will make a sweater in either the worsted-weight Shelter or the fingering-weight Loft though.  All spare £s are currently going towards the Clarinet Fund (although that's grown considerably thanks to a rebate from the water people - I've been overpaying by about £20 a month for the last year it would seem!).

I'll be doing a tension square for the King Cole as it's a different yarn than Loft.  Although the Loft has more metres per gramme than the King Cole, it's spun in a different way (woollen spun) which makes it an airier yarn. 

Before I can cast on Breckon I've got to find my 2.75mm circular as I think I'll need it and it's not in my needle case and I've got to finish spinning some burgundy merino before I can start on the Ronaldsay.

I've also finished my Summer Solstice scarf/shawl and that's blocking in the spare room, so I'm hoping it'll be dry by the end of the day.

Oh, I did buy some ready-to-wear clothes, in case you were wondering.  Marks and Spencer had an offer of two t-shirts for £8 when I was in a few weeks ago so I bought three for me and one for DD1.  Oh, and last week when I had to be in Colchester for an optician's appointment I came away with a new pair of reading glasses (so I can see my stitches when I'm knitting - especially socks).  I also bought a new black leather handbag from Debenhams.  I remembered the unused £25 gift-card that hubby bought me as part of my Christmas present and they had a 20% off sale!


  1. Lol!! Both the cardigans are lovely, and I really like the purple yarn. Good luck with them! :)

  2. They're both lovely cardigans and I adore that shade of purple. :-D I need to stop reading so many blogs because so far this evening I've seen about ten things I want to knit. :-P

    1. I know how you feel, Kate. I keep seeing things and 'ooh-ing' over them and then try to be rational and tell myself I need to finish what I've already got on the needles before I start anything else.... Doesn't always work!