Sunday, 14 October 2012

Three Colours

I've now got to the section of my Color Affection scarf/wrap where I'm using three colours and doing short rows to get the sweeping stripes that give it it's asymmetric look.

It's getting so wide now that I decided to join my 150cm KnitPro cable onto the 100cm one I was using rather than just transfer the stitches onto the 150cm one.  It does mean I have to be careful that I don't tangle the cable in the yarn when I'm starting a new row.  At the end of this section, I should have 387 stitches on the needle if I've done the increases correctly, so it's a good thing that it's all garter stitch and I can knit while watching TV.

I'm not that happy with the edge.  It's tricky trying to twist up the two yarns that aren't being used as well as keeping the edge relaxed.  I'm hoping that when it comes to blocking, it'll look better.  If I'm still not happy with it, I might turn the edge over and hem it for a neater look.

I've done half of the three-colour rows and as four extra stitches are knitted per stripe, as well as stitches being increased at the beginning and end of each stripe, I'm hoping I'll have enough of the cream and grey yarns to finish that section, otherwise I'll have to either buy some more of the Shetland fibre and spin it up, or see if the pattern will work ending the section earlier.

Hopefully I'll know in a couple of days and will let you know!


  1. It sounds quite complicated, but it looks fantastic!! I hope you don't run out of yarn! :)

    1. I've just weighed one of the colours and should have enough, plus about 6g left. Phew!

  2. Looking good - the colours work really well together.