Friday, 3 January 2014

One Order Complete

Let's see if I got this right.

The order was for "pink jumper, round neck, long sleeves"...


"One button at the back" (this got changed to "three small buttons" but at the last minute when I was sewing in the ends and about to crochet around the neck opening to make a button loop - more about that in a bit - it got changed back to "one bigger button" and one was selected from my button tin).


(I hope you appreciate DD2 pointing out the various design elements!!)

The pattern is Bulle by Karen Borrel.

Yarn used:  Garnstudio Drops Lima in Cerise.  I used nearly all of the nine balls I bought.  I did buy an extra two balls in a different dye lot, but didn't need to use them in the end as DD2 decided it was long enough when I tried it on her the other day, so they might get made into a neck-warmer/cowl.

Needles:  KnitPro Harmony 4.5mm circular.  The pattern said to use 5mm but I knew that a 4.5mm would give me the correct tension.

Modifications to the pattern:  I made the sleeves long, omitted the pockets, didn't decrease before the bottom band and didn't put the button on the hem (she didn't want it).  I also sewed over the buttonhole I'd originally made and did a line of double crochets (sc US terms) along the back neck opening, incorporating a button loop as I went as it straightened out the opening and neatened it up a bit.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this.  It's only had a steam block so far.  I'll probably wet block it next week while Madam is at school, but she wanted it and seems quite excited.  It's currently on a jacket hanger on the hook where I put things once they've been ironed.

Onto more finishing off now.  I've got some alpaca yarn on my wheel that I'm currently navajo plying.  I've got a pair of socks that just need ends darning in and I've got my Reine cardigan to finish off (ends to be sewn in, buttons to be sewn on and blocking).  Then I'll be casting on something(s) new.

I might also admit to you soon the results of my quick visit to Franklins, the local haberdashery/yarn store this morning.

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  1. It's absolutely beautiful, Christine. I am sure she will adore wearing it. I wanted to say that I'm really glad you're blogging more lately, I enjoy your posts very much.