Monday, 10 February 2014

Sorting Out and Third Pair of Socks of the Year

The heating engineer arrived just before 8.30 this morning and is currently working away to do all that needs doing so we have an updated heating and hot water system (hurrah!).  Jess is more or less behaving, but she's decided she likes the plumber's son (who works with him) and keeps following him around, trying to bring him one of her toys.  Hopefully she'll get tired of that soon and will settle down for her morning nap.

The guys need access to all the radiators in the house, including the one in the (not used because that, also, needs replacing) en-suite bathroom.  The en-suite is where I've been storing my yarn stash, so I've been sorting it out, making a note of what yarn and fibre I've got.  I've been fairly ruthless and got rid of odd balls that I'm never going to use and I've also put some yarn into a bag to take to knitting group in case any of the ladies there can use it.  That bag is of the 2x100g balls of aran left over from a sweater variety.  Some of the ladies have grandchildren (a couple have young children) so they might be able to use it whereas I won't.

The grand total of yarn is:  approx 40 kilometres.  My yarn stash has grown (and that doesn't include the acrylic DK stash I've got).

My fibre stash stands at approx 7.5kg.  As hubby bought most of it for me, the blame lays at his door for that!

I reorganised it all into a tub, a wicker hamper-type basket and vacuum bags.  This is what it looked like once it had all been put away:

Once I'd squashed the air out of the bags, it looked a bit more manageable:

Still a fair size though.

Yesterday morning, I sorted/cleared out underneath our bed (one of those jobs I'd been putting off) and there the bags and boxes now reside.  I started off using my vacuum cleaner (a Dyson) to suck the air out of the bags, but it started making a funny noise (oops!) so I then stopped and squished as much air out as I could by lying on the bags and then squeezing them (which DD2 found rather amusing).

There - a much better organised stash.  I did remember to get out the yarn for the next project I've got planned and that's downstairs in the hollow area under one of the footstools.  I'll show you that later in the week.

I've also finished another pair of socks (and cast on a new pair).  These are in Regia Kaffe Fasset Design Line and I think I said that they're going to be a present for my Mum.

No, I didn't match the stripes.  I often think that I will and then forget to start the yarn on the first sock so I can start at the same place in the ball on the second one.  Mum won't mind though!

Hopefully, the next time I write I'll have a nice warm house and tankfuls of hot water.  First thing I'm going to do when the work's been finished is wallow in a chin-deep bath!


  1. You have such a nice stash and it looks very organized and neat. The socks are so pretty! When I was in high school, I have a pullover fleece top that had stripes in similar colors and I loved it. Your socks just gave me a deja vu feeling about that sweater because the colors and stripe-widths are very similar.

  2. Hi there! Congrats, you won my Valentine Heart giveaway! I will need you to email me your address and I'll get it in the mail right away! Do you want the red thread and printed pattern, too? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)