Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Long-Haul Knit

Sorting out some bags of crafting 'stuff' a week or so ago, I came across the receipt for some roving I bought in June 2012.  It was for some North Ronaldsay fibre I'd bought from Scottish Fibres.

I blogged about buying the roving not long after I'd bought it.  I blogged about finishing spinning the yarn in April 2013.  After that, even though I cast on the cardigan (Reine - a Brooklyn Tweed design), I don't think I got round to blogging about it.  In fact, I finished the knitting part of the cardigan just before Christmas last year (or thereabouts).

What I didn't do was get round to sewing in the ends, sewing on the pockets and sewing on the buttons.

Finding the invoice spurred me on to Get On With The Finishing.

And I'm glad I did, because I'm really pleased with it:

Because it's handspun yarn and a bit inconsistent in places, although the stitches per inch tension/gauge was ok, my row tension was off, which meant if I stuck rigidly to the instructions, it would have been too long, especially from armhole to shoulder, so I had to do a bit of back-of-envelope maths scribbling and take out some rows, whilst taking into account the reverse stocking stitch ridges.

The weather's still too warm to wear it at the moment (I started to heat up just trying it on to check it still fits after eight months of languishing upstairs) but once autumn and winter kick in, I can see that this will be a favourite cardigan to pop on.  As it's pale grey, there are lots of t-shirts I own that I can wear it with.

The last week has been all about crochet.  Pink crochet for the most part.  I'm hoping to have an FO to show off in the next few days.


  1. Your cardigan is lovely! I am sure that you will enjoy wearing it as the days get cooler xx

  2. What a lovely cardigan, the twists on the pockets and edges are great. It will be lovely and cosy for the winter.