Wednesday, 6 July 2016


I've been finishing up some things that just needed ends sewing in then a wash and dry.

Blankets for the premature baby unit at a local hospital (they're small; 13-15 inches wide):

Left: Attic24 Neat Ripple, modified to add a treble/double crochet either side of the increases/decreases.

Centre:  Treble/double crochet, worked through the back loop only.

Right: Knitted.  Row 1 is knit all stitches, Row 2 is purl 5, knit 4 (with a garter stitch border of 5 stitches, the first stitch of each row being slipped).

All three blankets are made using King Cole CandyStripe yarn which is a DK variegated acrylic.

I finished a blanket I crocheted using the Vintage Vertical Stripe pattern, crocheting stripes of varying width, using up part-balls of DK acrylic I'd got left over from other projects.

I finished the Neat Ripple blanket I started back in the spring.  Two-thirds of this had to be re-done after I'd finished the main part and DD2 decided to 'help' me by snipping off all the yarn ends close to the work........ before I'd had a chance to darn them in.  She wasn't my most favourite person that day as I'm sure you can imagine!

Today, I finished the yarn I've been spinning on my wheel for the last four or so months.  I've been very unproductive over the last 18 months when it comes to spinning, so I've taken the opportunity of the Tour de Fleece (a brief explanation if you need one is here).  I haven't joined any TdF groups on Ravelry but am doing it my own way, spinning Mon-Fri as I work on Sat and Sun, which means my time before work is limited and I'm too tired to spin after I've done my shift.

This was earlier today and I've now finished plying this bobbin, so it can be wound off, skeined and measured.  It's destined to be one of the colours in a Keith Moon sweater (a Kate Davies design).  My other colour will be an emerald green and the main colour will be natural/cream.

I need to get on and card the green so I can spin it.  The cream (500g of it - eek!) I'll spin from the big 'bump' of fibre I bought from World of Wool (all three colours are merino).

I've also got another few bits on the needle, hook and loom, plus one 13-year-old daughter badgering me to start knitting the cardigan she wants (I'll tell you about that one another time).

Off to make dinner now, although as I've been chopping back prickly things in the garden today, everyone's getting something easy.

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  1. Hi Christine, it was so nice to see some of your latest projects. I can understand why you were not in love with DD that day, I'd be pretty annoyed too. You made a good job of it anyway. How nice to make all those blankets for charity. I've done a few myself but really should make some more. There's always plenty of yarn around here. I hope you and your family are doing well.