Wednesday, 29 December 2010

By Jove, I Think He's Got It!

My mother asked the other day why the bottom shelf of our airing cupboard had nothing on it.

"Because that's where Christine dries her knitted things after she's washed them in the bath" came hubby's reply.  "She also wraps them in a towel and jumps on them - no idea what that's about" he added.

I think he's finally 'getting it'!

Christmas here was not too hectic, but still tiring.  Lots of cooking and we had three roast dinners on the trot last week (we asked Daughter #1 what she wanted to have for dinner for her birthday on the 23rd when two sets of grandparents came for the evening and she said roast pork.  We were hoping she'd say spag bol or lasagne!  So, it was roast pork on 23rd, roast turkey on Christmas Eve (so hubby could have his traditional turkey on toast with ketchup for breakfast on Christmas Day) and roast beef on Christmas Day.  We've managed three roast-potato-free days since the 25th though and tonight it might be pasta.

There's been some knitting going on around here as well.  I've finished off both the James C Brett chunky sweater, and my Volna scarf.  This is mainly thanks to the world Darts championship, which hubby insists on watching at every opportunity.  As he's busy watching probably the least attractive men to grace the TV screen throw 3 pointy things at a round thing (I actually do enjoy the odd game of darts, but it's not really a spectator sport) and therefore doesn't need to have a conversation with me, it means I get to knit for a couple of hours, which is a rarity unless the girls are at school, hubby's at work and there are no cats in the garden to mock and upset the dogs.

Volna needs soaking and blocking, but I put the sweater in the washing machine on a wool cycle, then laid it out in the airing cupboard.  I'll put up some photos here and on my Ravelry page next week once the girls are back at school, especially as Daughter #2 has taken a shine to my camera and wants to use it whenever she sees it, or wants to dance around singing loudly while I video her.

Until then, Happy New Year and may 2011 be either stash-reducing or stash-enhancing, depending on how you look on knitterly life.  Me?  I'm going for the reduction option, especially as I've now taken to stowing my stash in the en-suite bathroom (the shower's broken, so we don't use it but use the main bathroom instead).  Heaven help me if hubby decides that this spring is going to be the one where he decides to get it fixed as I'll have to find somewhere else.

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