Thursday, 4 August 2011

Deco is finished!


Yesterday, the postman delivered the 13mm press studs I'd ordered the day before (excellent service - these ones, via Amazon ).  So I gave the front bands a light press with the iron and then got out my tape measure to work out where to place the buttons.  I'd originally planned on using 8 buttons and press studs, but decided on 6 due to a combination of a. maths and b. looking at 8 buttons placed along the bands and deciding that they looked too crowded.  First off, I marked the button placements with pins.  Then, I sewed on the buttons.  After that, I sewed on the press studs, first the one to go behind the button, then it's corresponding flat part.  I snipped off the last bit of thread and Deco was finished.  So, I got out my camera and took some photos (except I forgot to take a photo of the back view, but it looks just like the examples on the Ravelry page). With hindsight, it might have been better to do the press studs first and then sew the buttons on afterwards as the way I did it was a bit fiddly.

The colour's most like the second picture, but I took the photos last night when a. it was dark and b. the weather had gone all grey and rainy.

I've also finished off a baby cardigan and a scarf (using the same yarn for both - there's a reason for that which I'll explain in my next entry), except for the finishing touches such as sewing in ends and pressing, so I'll be here again soon to show off!

I'm going to look at my Ravelry queue now to decide what to cast on next (despite still having 4 WIPs, including a pair of socks I don't really like, but have decided to keep plodding away at).

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  1. I've finally got "Comments" working, and I just have to say how gorgeous this is! Happy wearing! :)