Friday, 27 April 2012

3KCBWDAY5 - Something Different

Day 5 - Something Different

Voices from the Shelf

"Listen" said the blue scarf that had been there the longest and considered himself to be in charge.  "That's the second time she's gone outside today.  Must be time for the Noisy One to go off to school - the other one; you know, the one that huffs a lot, she went earlier.  Get ready folks, look smart."

"I don't know why you're getting so excited" commented Green Swallowtail.  "Winter's over now - you're too thick".

"Well, excuse me" grumped the blue Horseshoe scarf, "have you seen the weather lately?"

The lacy Baktus sighed.  "It's all right for you.  She hasn't worn me in aaaaggges.  Said something about blocking me again as I'd got floppy and out of shape.  I don't like blocking - especially when I get near-suffocated in the towel and then get stamped on.  It's not exactly dignified, is it."

"Don't fret, Bakky" chorused the Candle Light shawls, who considered themselves sisters, being the same pattern, but different sizes.  "We haven't been worn in months and months either, but it'll be summer soon and then our time will come."

"I don't mind if I don't go out today" said the Kerchief.  "I'm a bit special because I'm made from her handspun yarn.  That's why I've got a few lumps and bumps -- I like to think they make me a bit 'arty'".

Multnomah sighed.  "Arty indeed. You do go on you know, Kerchief.  I'm from handspun yarn as well, but I don't make a song and dance about it.  Mind you, I'm a bit smoother than you - she'd got better at spinning by the time she made me".

Kerchief didn't say anything, but decided to have a bit of a sulk in the corner.

Ulmus piped up.  "She won't choose me.  She never chooses me at this time of the morning.  Said I'm too long and dangly.  Long and dangly?  I'm beautiful.  I'm not really suitable for walking the black bouncy thing.  I think it's called a Jess.  I'm made of baby llama, cashmere and silk you know."

"I think you may have mentioned that fact several times" Volna said dryly.  "The Jess is a dog.  She likes yarn.  She tried to pick me up when I was still in a ball and not the lovely creation I am now but the lady told her off so she went and got one of The Man's socks instead.  Not a hand-knit sock - one of those shop-bought ones.  The lady told Jess she doesn't mind if she picks up one of those.  Does anyone know why The Lady doesn't knit socks for The Man by the way?"

"He says his feet get too hot" answered Simple City.  "She says it's because he wouldn't appreciate them.  I heard her tell Huffy Girl one day.  Anyway, I doubt it'll be me.  I'm more of an autumn kind of girl because of my colours.  I don't really mind - I don't want muddy paws on me, thank you very much."

"Ooh, listen" said Ptarmigan.  "I just heard a zip.  That means she'll be wearing the blue coat.  Could be me.  I fit nicely around her neck, being a cowl and not a dangly scarf or a triangle that needs arranging around the neck.  Just pop me over the head and off you go."

"Oh, in that case it definitely won't be me" said the Mystery Shawlette.  "I'm designed for summer and I'm a bit Posh you know.  She only ever wears me with her red coat and that has buttons and not a zip.  She shuddered.  "Ooh, I wouldn't like to get caught in a zip.  Remember what happened to Blue Sampler?"

The other scarves were silent for a moment, lost in thoughts of their poor, maimed friend who still hadn't had his hole fixed.

"Oh, I forgot to ask" said Swallowtail.  "What happened to Double Bump and Pimpelliese?  I saw ages ago that they were finished, but they never made it up here with the rest of us."

"Oh" Blue Horsehoe.  "They went off in the car with The Lady to be put in a box with other things so they could be sent to Romania where there are people who need them.  I bet they get worn a lot more than we do."

Ptarmigan, the newbie, nudged Kerchief.  "What's up with Haruni?  She never says anything except "felted bag".  Is she ill or something, or a bit, you know, odd?"

"Shhh" whispered Kerchief.  "She joined us not long after I got here - I'd only just settled in and found my place here.  She's got depresssion.  It was a real shame as she was so young when it happened."

"When what happened?" asked Ptarmigan in an undertone.

"The Show" Kerchief explained.  "She was entered into a show.  She didn't win.  She came second --- to a felted bag.  A felted bag that was a bit wonky."

"Oh" said Kerchief, understandingly.  "Poor thing.  That explains a lot."

"Felted bag" whispered Haruni - and started to cry.

"Bugger - we've set her off again" said Kerchief.

"SHE'S COMING UP THE STAIRS" shouted one of the Candle Lights, "everyone look their best."

"What, what?" said Guernsey Wrap, waking up.  "Please pipe down and some of you stop getting your points in a pickle please.  I'm trying to sleep out the spring and summer until it's my turn again."  With that, he went back to sleep and started to snore gently.

The other scarves just rolled their eyes at him and continued to wait, in anticipation.

"Nooooooo" wailed Ptarmigan.  "Look."

All the scarves peeped forward.

"Sod it" said Horsehoe as he heard footsteps going back down the stairs.  "It's sunny out.  She only came up to get a tissue.  Oh well, there's always the next time."

They all slumped back on the shelf, hoping the weather would take a turn for the worse by early afternoon when there might be another chance of Going Out.

"You never know" said Swallowtail, optimistically.  "She might need to do some shopping later this morning."

Everyone's spirits were raised a bit at that thought.

Muffled voices came from the cupboard across the room.  "It's all right for you lot - at least you've made it into the wardrobe."

"Oh, do shut up, Stash" the scarves chorused.

*** The End ***


  1. Fantastic! That has made my day.

  2. This was hilarious! I shudder to think what my FOs (and stash!) think of me!

  3. fantastic - I was gripped... and feeling their pain!

  4. Lovely, I suspect this happens with my mitts, hats and scarves.

  5. I have the most chatter from my WIPS- "But you worked on that one yesterday!!!!! WHEN IS IT MY TURN!?" Very amusing- thanks for posting!