Friday, 25 May 2012

Nympheas (2)

What with finishing off the rainbow stripey blanket and the orange Charade socks and then starting a new 'marmite' pair of socks, Nympheas has taken a bit of a back seat this week.  I have, however, now completed four pattern repeats in the pink NDS Angel yarn:

I'm happy to say that I'm enjoying knitting this.  Eskimimi's patterns always have a clear layout so the instructions and charts are easy to follow.  I haven't weighed the yarn to see how much I've got left, so I've no idea how many repeats I'll get out of this skein of yarn.

Nympheas isn't the only lace project I've got on the needles.  I started Rock Island on 27 March and this is how far I've got with the edging......

Not very good is it.  It's laceweight yarn on 4mm needles and the edging is 71 repeats.  71!!   With patterning on every row!!!  This means I can't concentrate on it for very long and, in actual fact, I haven't knitted a single stitch of it for at least a fortnight.

My 'problem' is that I simply have too much yarn and too many projects I want to make and, and, and, well, many of you are in the same boat I'm sure.

Before my Friday Dedham knitting group this morning, I popped into the village Co-Op store and saw that they still had copies of this magazine .  It's not one I've bought before (I rarely buy magazines, to be honest), but someone had a copy of it last week, I had a flick through and thought I'd get my own copy this week if they still had one in the shop (in fact, they had several) as it's got some nice designs in it.  Whether I'll make any of them, I have no idea.

Hoping everyone has a nice weekend in this sunshiney weather we're currently enjoying. 

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  1. The pink scarf is beautiful, definately worth the re-start. Rock Island looks scary!! :0