Saturday, 19 May 2012

Vintage Vertical Stripe Blanket.....

..... and a new camera to photograph it.

I went up to the big Tesco on the outskirts of Ipswich on Thursday to have a look at cameras. 

There was a good selection (but not the same as the ones in the Tesco Direct catalogue) and they also had a shelf of reduced cameras and SatNavs, so I had a look on that too and spotted this Nikon (in red) so picked it up and had a look.  Then I had a look at some of the other ones, compared details and held onto the Nikon. 

I couldn't really put it back because it seemed rather bargainous.  It had an original shelf price of £99.  It was on the reduced shelf because it's an ex-display model, so the price had been reduced to £80.  I had £24 in Tesco vouchers, so doubled up £20 to make a total of £44.  10% staff discount meant another £8 off, so I was now down to £28 money to pay.  I then handed the very nice lady who was serving me a 'spend £40, get £6 off' voucher, which took me down to £22 (I wasn't sure if that could be used on electricals or if it was groceries only).  I opened my purse to get out my payment card and saw another piece of white till-type paper, took it out and unfolded it and it was another 'spend £40, get £6 off' voucher.  The lady and I weren't sure if the till would accept two vouchers, but she scanned it and it took off another £6. 

The total amount of money I handed over?  £16.  That's right - my new, 16 mega-pixel, 7x optical zoom Nikon camera cost me £16 in real money.  That's what I call a bargain. 

I've got to read through the instruction manual (which is on a CD) now  to find out how to work it properly.  I did take some photos yesterday, which were fine for Ravelry, but were too big for the Phoenix forum, so I ended up re-saving the photos from Ravelry in a smaller file size and uploading those to Phoenix.

So, without further ado, here are some photos of DD1's 33-colour stripey blanket (pattern - Vintage Vertical Stripe by Bella Dia).

Stretched out on my 4' 6" bed (DD1 has regular-sized single bed) and the border:

One pattern repeat:
Folded into four:

All rolled up (because I was playing with the camera and liked the way this one came out!):

When I walked down to the train station to collect DD1, I took my New Camera to try it out and see what the photos were like.

A neighbour's iris - in her front garden:

Some daisies:
Ducks at the pond by the station:
I'm very pleased with my bargainous purchase.  Now I've just got to find out what all the settings do.....

I've got this weekend off work, so while DD1 and hubby watch the football this evening I think I'll cast on my Nympheas Mark II.  I'll let you see how it's going in a few days.

Have a lovely weekend :)


  1. That camera was a bargain! *is most jealous* And the blanket is gorgeous. I love the colour combination.

  2. Thank you. It's quite rare that I spend money on myself (apart from yarn, but I'm trying to be good on that front!) as the girls usually need new clothes, shoes or money for some or other school thing, so to get such a good bargain was a double-smiley-thing!

  3. Brilliant choice!!! And what a bargain! I know nothing about cameras, but I have Nikon Coolpix too! (but it's an older model). I am definately not very technical, and I find it really easy to use. Your photos are fab, I love the one of the ducks. I can recommend for adding effects to photos, it's really easy to use too.

    And more importantly, your blanket is gorgeous! I love the colours. :)

  4. Well done on the bargain. Blanket looks great and the picture of the ducks is lovely.
    I take all my photos on VGA (emailable) format. If I think I'll want to blow any up I'll use 5mp, but VGA works fine for me and Phoenix likes it too!

  5. have been eyeing up your blanket so have caved in and bought some yarn at work!