Friday, 31 August 2012

More Twist Required

Did I mention that several months ago I bought a bag of 'lap waste' from World of Wool to practise my spinning?  I can't remember to be honest.  In the 500g bag of various fibres and colours that WoW make up from left-overs that won't make up a full braid or bag was a good variety and I've used it to blend different colours (for a hat - I think I took a photo of that skein of yarn I made and blogged about it) and used some of it to blend three different colours (pretty sure I blogged about that as well).  In the bag was a clump of something cream-coloured, slightly shiny and rather wispy.  I didn't think it was silk, knew it hadn't adorned an animal's back.  I asked on Ravelry, in the UK Spinners group and we decided that it was probably either soy, bamboo or tencel. 

I started to spin it and it drafted nicely so I continued until it was all spun up into a single and I wondered what to do with it.  Then I remembered I had a small bag (approx 50g) of some natural coloured Jacob fibre, so spun that into a single.  Then I plyed (should that be plied?) the two singles together into this:

100g in weight, 273 metres, which makes it a sport-weight/light DK.

Can you see?  My plying's a bit loose in places; I think it needs a bit more twist.

This morning I shall be winding the skein into a centre-pull ball and then putting it back through my wheel to put in a bit more twist.  Then I'll skein it up again, wash it again, whack it again and hang it up to dry (again).

I think this will become a Squoffle scarf.  Although the pattern's written for chunky yarn to make a short scarf that buttons into a neck-warmer, it'll be easy to cast on extra stitches (it's a repeat of 3sts +2) to make it wider to suit a thinner yarn.

Oh well, off to get out my swift and ball winder - I did think about plying it from the swift onto the wheel, but think that might be a recipe for disaster with child and dog around, so I'll take a few extra minutes to wind it into a ball.

Then, I'll be able to get on with spinning some more shetland top I've got. 

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