Thursday, 21 February 2013

Leftie Scarf

All other knitting projects have been put on hold for now and my spinning wheel lies untouched and neglected.

The reason?

A few weeks ago I started knitting a Leftie scarf.  I picked it up every few days to do another stripe and leaf, but wasn't overly worried about getting on with it.  Then I started thinking.  The scarf's for my mother.  The intention was to give it to her on her birthday - which is 9 May, hence the 'no rush' mentality.  However, a scarf given in May isn't going to get worn much before September or October.  However, Mothering Sunday is 10 March - just over two weeks away.  A scarf given in March is probably going to get a bit of wear before the weather hopefully turns nicer and Spring arrives.

That gives me just over two weeks to get this scarf knitted, sew in the ends and then soak and block it.

That's quite a lot of knitting - it's 4ply yarn (King Cole Merino Blend 4ply) on 2.5mm needles.  All garter stitch - fortunately I like garter stitch.

So far I've done 16 leaves.

I need to do at least another 16 leaves - and the scarf gets wider the more you knit (+7 stitches each stripe & leaf repeat).

I'd better get on with it.  Fortunately, I can knit and read or watch TV at the same time (especially when it's garter stitch) and only need to look when I'm knitting a leaf or doing a kfb increase).

Here it is so far:

And here's photo of the leaves against what's left of the first ball of navy blue - so you can see the cream leaf as well as the pink ones.

It's going to match the Lucy Cloche hat I made for my Mum at Christmas.  This one - King Cole do the same colours in the DK merino as they do in the 4ply:

Mum wore her hat to her reading group last week and got several complimentary comments from the other ladies.  I have to say that it does suit her.

I'm off now to make lunch for DD2 who is badgering me and then I'll be popping out to the shop to get a few bits before making some more soup.  I've made some celery soup this morning and as I've got several red peppers (my veg box seems to have had celery and red peppers for the last couple of weeks) I'm going to roast some with some tomatoes and onion and then soupify them.  But I need more tomatoes to do that - and I forgot to buy garlic the last time I went shopping.


  1. Ooo, this is lovely! I do like how it is constructed, and the colours are great. Good luck with getting it finished in time!

  2. Scarf looks super love the combination of colours. I'm sure your Mum will get compliments wearing that. I find I get compliments whenever I wear hand knitted items. If I see ladies wearing hand knitted items I always compliment them. Something to talk about with strangers. I met a lady knitting socks in Copenhagen and got some good directions in a strange town. (Despite the men tut tutting when I spoke to her!) Hand Knitting makes friendships world wide. dojo x