Monday, 18 February 2013

Spring half-term holidays.....

..... and typically, I woke up with a thick head and troublesome sinuses, aka A Cold.  Not really what I wanted when I've got DD2 to keep amused and occupied for a week.

Today has been given over to letting DD2 watch CBeebies (or have it on in the background), draw lots and lots of pictures, not minding when she screws up the paper and drops it on the floor, making and icing some biscuits (she licked off the icing and gave the biscuit to the dog).

I had thought I might get in some spinning, but my eyes are feeling a bit sore, so I haven't done any (yet) today.  I also thought I might get some more of my current pair of socks done, but sore eyes + 2.25mm needles aren't a good match.  Instead, during the times that DD2 has occupied herself, I've read some of my book (hurrah for e-readers meaning you can make the text bigger) and knitted round and round the second sleeve of my cotton sweater with a pause every ten rows to make the required decreases.

I've also managed to deal with the dishwasher and put on a load of laundry - a load which I don't think is going to require any ironing as it's mainly t-shirts which can be smoothed flat.  DD2 did do a second load of laundry for me - but that was clean tea-towels from the drawer in the kitchen.  Oh well!

As the weather's a bit brighter today and there was ok-ish light coming through the glass panel in the front door (our hall's painted white and the carpet's beige so it's quite light there anyway) I took the opportunity of snapping some photos of my finished Sheepheid hat.


Brim/bottom part:

The whole hat, modelled over a mixing bowl:

In general, I'm pleased with it.  It's come out a bit bigger than I expected (probably tension-related - I hold up my hands and admit I didn't check it) but DD1 has very thick hair, so it actually fits her quite well.

I've still got yarn left over, but not enough to make another one the same.  I'll weigh the yarn and see if I think I've got enough to use the same pattern, but just do simple stripes instead.  I'll let you know!

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  1. Your hat is fantastic! I love the wee sheep around the bottom, and the colours are beautiful.