Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Roam Fusion Socks

See this yarn?

It's the remains of the ball of Wendy Roam Fusion sock yarn I used to make this pair of plain socks.

Here they are:

Nothing special are they.  Which is a shame, as the yarn in the ball looked quite promising.

I have to say that it's not a yarn I'll be buying again.  It's quite loosely plyed, which meant it was easy to split it whilst knitting (a bit more twist would have made a difference).  It's also not that soft.  The finished socks feel a bit rough and also a bit hairy.  Once I've worn them and get round to washing them, I might rinse them in some water to which I've added a blob of hair conditioner and see if that softens them up again.

Having said that, I'll probably find that these wear like iron and I'm still pulling them on my feet two years from now!


  1. What a shame, because it looks lovely. I feel the same about Wendy Happy which is made from bamboo, it just didn't have any body to it at all.

  2. heya, I bought exactly the same shade and knitted it into spatterdash mittens. My sister loves them but I was a bit meugh on the colour! Got half a ball left too