Friday, 26 April 2013

Two Sides of the Coin

More spinning stuff from me today.

Here's a skein of yarn I've made that I'm pleased with:

I started off with this top (which I think Lucy - who dyed it - and I decided was probably Falkland):

I divided it into three and spun each third into a single:

And then I plyed it into just over 150m of a worsted/aran-weight yarn.

It will probably become a hat, a scarf or a pair of mittens.

This one I'm not pleased with (I haven't even taken it off the niddy noddy to wash):

I started off with this merino/silk blend from World of Wool (it's called Gemini).

I originally spun the whole 100g bump into a single:

With the intention of spinning another single from this bump of red-toned merino:

and then plying them together, but as the blue/red/rust one began to spin up, it became obvious that the colours wouldn't work together once spun.

So, I wound the blueish single into a centre pull ball on my ball winder and then made a 2ply yarn.

If I've counted the turns on the niddy noddy correctly, it's 264 metres and a heavy fingering weight yarn.  Probably enough for a pair of socks.

The red?  Well, I've spun the 100g bump I had into this single:

I'm now planning on buying another 500g and spinning it up into enough yarn to make a cardigan.  Red is always a difficult colour to photograph which is why there's a banana in the photo above, which gives quite a good indication of the colour.  It's a very rich, ruby red.

I'm now going to concentrate on my knitting WIPs for the next few days as I've got a sweater and two pairs of socks on the go and could do with getting them finished.

Have a good weekend, even if the weather in the UK has got a bit pants again.


  1. Gorgeous. They're both really pretty.

  2. Hi, it's me again! I wasn't sure if you'd see my blog post on Friday but I announced the winner of my giveaway and it's you! I also emailed you in reply to one of your comments on my blog, since I didn't have another way to email you, but I wasn't sure if it worked. Anyway, could you please send me your address? You can reply to this comment via email or you can use the email button on my blog. I'd like to get it mailed to you as soon as I can. Thanks. :)