Thursday, 3 July 2014

Must Do Better

Time has slipped away from me (again) recently and I can't believe that in just over two weeks' time, we'll have reached the end of another school year for the girls.

So, what's been happening recently?

Well, DD1 had excellent results in almost all of her subjects in her annual school exams.  She's got a couple of areas where there's room for improvement (mostly in the the way she tackles exam questions where there's writing involved).  It's not that she's bad, but working on that could make the difference in what grade she gets when she sits her GCSEs in a couple of years.  She also had a very good end-of-year report from school, except for in Healthy Living where the teacher stated that she was particularly impressed with the brownies DD1 had made...... except DD1 has never made brownies!!

DD2 has also had a very good end-of-year report, which is encouraging.  She also went on 'camp' with school last week, which went well.  She spent the first two nights sleeping in a tent (one of the staff sleeps in each tent) and the second two nights in a cabin as she settle down to sleep much better.  She also enjoyed the activities, although she's a bit tired as it was a very active week and has taken a few days to get back into her usual routine at home.

With DD2 away, we sent DD1 to stay with my in-laws so she could get to school easily (she enjoys staying with them and they love having her to stay) so hubby took the week off work and he and I (and, of course, Jess) went and stayed in a static caravan at a camp site about 15 miles away in St Osyth (a couple of miles along the coast from Clacton).  We didn't want to go too far afield in case there were problems with DD2 and this way we were within an hour's drive of where the school camp was being held.  We spent a very pleasant four nights and days not doing much at all and we even went to the pub for a couple of beers on two afternoon (shock !! - it's over a year since we last went to a pub, never mind in the afternoon).

Crafting-wise, I seem to have been doing a little bit of this, a little bit of that over the last couple of months, but don't seem to have finished much; just these socks:

The yarn's Drops Fabel.  Wool Warehouse had a sale of Drops yarn recently, so I stocked up a bit on sock yarn.  I think I bought 12 balls of Fabel and 4 balls of Drops Delight (both come in 50g balls so 2 balls of each colour were required).

I have cast on a new pair of socks and a new scarf/shawl, which I'll photograph soon and talk about.  I managed to knit for a couple of hours each day last week while we were away, while watching football and tennis.

I've also finished spinning a couple of skeins of yarn, which I'll photograph once they've finished drying.

The weather's lovely and sunny here, so hubby found the hole for the whirlygig washing line (our tumble dryer's starting making a whining noise, so I think it's on its way out).

My arm is getting better, but I think I'll have a scar.  It was quite red for a couple of weeks, but it's starting to fade a bit now.  I still can't believe how silly I was.

I've had a bit of a splurge this morning (not sure how if I'm going to downplay it or just be brazen when it comes to telling hubby).  I've bought a peg loom.  I was showing DD2 videos of weaving on a peg loom this morning before she went to school and she seemed quite interested, so after I'd walked Jess this morning, I researched some and found somewhere in Yorkshire that makes them, left a message and then received a phone call from them.  The next thing I knew, I'd ordered a 600mm wide peg loom with both 9mm and 6mm pegs, made from Ash wood.  Bye-bye £45 (including P&P).

I've now got to go to the local supermarket to buy a few bits and bobs (including some more pegs - since using the washing line instead of the tumble dryer I've discovered I don't have enough pegs for a full wash-load).  I also need to buy a large-ish plant pot as DD2 brought home a packet of carrot seeds from school yesterday and I've promised her we'll plant them this afternoon when she gets home!

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