Thursday, 11 February 2016


I finished sewing in the last ends of my Stopover sweater earlier this morning and I'm really pleased with it.

I decided to soak and block the sweater before darning in the ends so I could wiggle about with the colourwork stitches if I needed to.  I looked on my Ravelry projects page to see when was the last time I'd done any stranded colourwork and it was exactly three years ago that I finished my Sheepheid hat, so overall, I'm pretty pleased with how this sweater turned out as I was out of practice when it came to carrying yarn behind the work.

Here's the finished sweater.  I had to hang it in the airing cupboard overnight to finish drying as it was getting in the way of everyone where I'd stretched it out on the floor, which is why there's a line across the middle (caused by the edge of the shelf).  I'm hoping it'll drop out with wear, otherwise I'll get the iron out and steam it a bit, although I'm not that fussed about it, to be honest).

I took photos every day throughout the process, but rather than upload them all here, as they're on my Ravelry project page, here's a link.  The top photo is the finished, blocked sweater and they work downwards in date order from there.

Not bad going really.  I started this sweater last Tuesday (2 Feb) and finished the knitting on Tuesday, then blocked it yesterday and sewed the ends in today, so that's 10 days in total.

I'm now going back to a cardigan I've been knitting for months.  It's in 4ply yarn and I'm using 3mm needles, so that's going to be a bit of a change!  I've also got a couple of other things on the go as well, so shall hopefully get up to speed with blogging about those before too long.

I'm having a bit of a lazy day today as I seem to have caught the cold that hubby and DD1 have had and woke up this morning feeling very congested and with a sore throat.  Hopefully it will be a short-lived thing and I'll feel better in a couple of days.


  1. Congratulations your "Stopover" looks lovely!

  2. It is fantastic!!! I love the colour combination!! Enjoy wearing it. Happy Valentines! xx

  3. Wowsers!! This is fantastic! And you certainly didn't waste any time with it. Happy wearing!

  4. Cracking colours Christine. Beautiful work. x