Friday, 5 February 2016

More Banging Out A Sweater

Progress has been steady on my Stopover sweater.

As I said, each morning, I've taken a photo of my progress from the day before.

Yesterday morning, I took this photo of where I'd got up to by the time I went to bed on Wednesday:

Progress up until bedtime yesterday was this:

As you can see, not a huge amount of progress was made yesterday, mostly because I've got a bit of a cold at the moment and I developed a headache which was sinus-related.

I've been knitting on it again this morning and the body's now long enough to stop and I've started the first sleeve.

Exciting times!

Joining in with a knitalong is quite fun, seeing other knitters' colour combinations, modifications and hints and tips.  A few people have already finished their sweaters (I'm not sure if they've slept since the knitalong started on Monday), some people are still waiting for their yarn to arrive and a few decided they didn't like what they were making (mostly for reasons of size, I think), so have frogged their sweaters and started anew.

I'm off now for some sleeve-knitting before I take Jess for a walk and the girls get home from school.

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