Monday, 4 April 2011

On the home straight

After two years of on-and-off knitting, I finished the third panel of the Burridge Lake Aran Afghan on Saturday morning and seamed the panels together.

I've modified the pattern slightly by using a provisional cast on and leaving live the stitches at the top of each panel as I planned on knitting on the top and bottom bands.  So, this morning I picked up the top stitches and then did one knit row to even everything up and then went off to my Monday morning knitting get-together. At knitting group I cast on for the top band and did a couple of rows.  Not happy, so I frogged it and started again, this time casting on one stitch less than the pattern said.  Knitted on for a bit.  Still not happy - this time with the cast on - so I frogged again and cast on yet again.  Got home and knitted on a bit more, then had a good look at it and realised that knitting on one stitch from the body of the blanket every other row meant that the top band was growing too quickly for the width of the body, so I frogged back almost to the beginning and started doing an ssk with one top band stitch and one stitch from the main blanket on right-side rows and p2tog through the back loops on wrong-side rows.

Fingers crossed, this is going to work!

I'll let you know in a few days or so as I reckon I should be able to get this finished within the next week (although I've probably just jinxed myself).  Better make sure the camera battery's charged.

1 comment:

  1. I like the pattern, very elegent. Frogging over and over is the pits but if the final results are good it is worth it.
    Good luck.