Friday, 1 April 2011

Wildcard: 2KCBWDAY5

I tried to write a poem, but have decided to spare you my efforts and use the wildcard for today's post!


For a while now, I've been meaning to make a scarf or shawl and add beads to it.  I've even got some beads.  Two packets in fact.  One packet has blue beads in it; the other has bronze-toned beads in it.  Neither have been opened and I can't even remember how many beads are in each packet.  I'm not even sure I'd wear a beaded scarf or shawl if I'm being honest.

I did think about adding beads to the cuff of a sock, but then realised that the socks would probably fall down due to the weight, so I'm back to square one with how to use them.

I'm not even going to think about the big heart-shaped 'bead'/embellishment I've got in my sewing box.  I have a feeling it was a free-thing that was sent to me with some yarn I bought.  I hope so because otherwise I have no idea what possessed me to buy it.

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  1. oh I know what you mean, lol, I found some letter beads in my stash and wondered what possessed me to buy them. I ended up using them on my little dog's sweater I knit him, spelling out his name, TUFFY.
    You'll think of something :o)