Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spinny Stuff

Remember I told you about the merino yarn I was spinning up from Colinette in this post?  How I wasn't sure about it?

I finished spinning the three bobbins last week (it was a 150g braid of merino so I divided it into three) and plied it over the last couple of days.  Here it is plied, but still on the bobbins.

It didn't look very promising on the bobbins and when hubby commented on it, I admitted that I really wasn't very sure about it, but after all the hours spent spinning it up, I was reluctant to just bin it.

After winding each bobbin onto my niddy noddy and twisting the skeins, it now looks like this:

It doesn't look too bad in the skein, so now I'm going to soak it in the sink while I walk the dog.  There's a total of 155g of fibre and it's made 455m of yarn, so that means it's, erm, just under 3m per gramme, which makes it a sport-weight/light DK.  I might knit it into socks - that way, even if the yarn isn't very pretty knitted up, the yarn will have been used, but won't be seen that much!

In other news, I've finished the first sleeve of my Tinder sweater, but haven't started the second one yet because I've been spinning.

I also came home the other day to find that hubby had answered the door to the postman and there was an Amazon package waiting for me, which was exciting as I knew exactly what it was - The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt, which has been re-published (second-hand copies of the original version were selling for Lots of Money).  It's a knitter's bible and has information on techniques, stitches, fitting, shaping; well, everything knitterly to be honest.  It wasn't a cheap book, but I think it's well worth the money.  There's a Kindle version available which is approx half the price of the printed book, but I thought the physical book would be a better option and I'm glad I made that choice as I think it's too big a book to work well as an e-book (for Kindle anyway; it might be ok on an iPad, but I haven't got one of those).

I shall love you and leave you now to go and dunk the yarn, then walk the dog before school's out and I get bogged down by Motherly Duties :)

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