Monday, 3 December 2012

Happy Christmas to Me

My husband is a generous soul when it comes to buying me Christmas and birthday gifts (my spinning wheel a couple of years ago is a case in point), but sometimes there are things that make me come over all 'wantie' and not have the patience to wait for gift-giving times of the year (I think he's already done gift-buying for this Christmas).

Kate Davies' book (released for sale today) was one of those things.  I've been reading Kate's tantalising posts on her blog over the last week or so as she revealed the patterns that are in the book.  So, I was all set to order a copy this morning after I'd got the girls off to school, Jess walked and my laptop booted up, so you can imagine my horror and disappointment when the book was showing up as sold out just after 9.10am.  This was followed by relief a few minutes later when I clicked the buy button again and a copy was in my virtual basket on Kate's website.  A few key-strokes to log into my PayPal account and a couple of mouse clicks and all was done.  A copy of the book will be winging its way to me in due course.

I'm a very happy bunny.  I'd be a bit of a happier bunny if my stash situation meant I could order some yarn as soon as the book arrives and I've chosen which item I want to make first, but I'll have to content myself with reading through it and knitting up at least a sweater's worth of yarn before that (unless I get some money for Christmas).

Here's a link to Kate Davies' website and blog (if you don't already read it).  The designs are featured in various blog posts - just scroll down.  Aren't the designs all gorgeous?  Am I being a naughty enabler? 

Must get knitting and knit down the stash!


  1. Ooo!! I'll be interested to know what you think of this book when you get it. I love Kate's blog and patterns, but I have so many craft books I knew if I bought this, I probably wouldn't use it!

  2. I'll certainly make a blog entry about the book once I've had a good look through it. Kate's Deco cardigan that I made is one that I wear a lot and as I used Wendy Mode which is a wool/acrylic mix and machine-washable, it's a doodle to care for.