Thursday, 9 February 2012

Snowy Weather

When it snows in England, especially the southern half of the country, it's always Big News because it's just not something we're used to dealing with on a regular basis and no matter how many times we say "next year we'll be organised", as a country we never are and there are delays on trains.  This year I was prepared with my camera though, making sure the battery was charged when I read the weather forecast that predicted snow for our area:

I think you can see that we live up a hill - well, it's a river valley really and we live halfway up on the southern side.  It's not until you look down towards the river, or up from the road at the bottom of the hill how steep it actually is.  You really know when it's snowy and icy though - despite 600-ish houses on our development, the council doesn't believe there's enough traffic to warrant gritting the road that runs in a loop up and around the housing development.  They should do one of their traffic surveys on a Saturday, or during commuter/school run time.

Anyway, it's all very pretty, but cold and Jess our labrador has found the snow particularly Good Fun as she ploughs through it head first, although she did give me a funny look when she bobbed down for a wee the first time we were out in it.  I don't think she realised how cold it would be :lol:

I'll be back soon with some knitting stuff.  I've cast on two new projects in the last week.....

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  1. Oh I hear ya re the Councils and gritting!! I too live up a hill with hundreds of houses on it, and the Council only grit the main road. Grrr....