Friday, 4 January 2013

2012 - A Knitting/Crocheting Review

I feel as though I have so much to catch up on blog-wise, including two or three finished items that in the run-up to Christmas I hadn't got round to photographing.

I thought I'd start off with a round-up of 2012 FOs.

When I started sorting out my photos, I realised I've finished more things than I thought I had:

8 pairs of socks
5 hats
1 cowl
1 Kindle cover
3 cardigans
3 blankets
4 scarves/wraps/shawls

That makes a total of 25 items, which I'm pleased about, especially as I did do quite a lot of spinning last year (but didn't keep a proper record of that - will try to do better in 2013).

Thanks to the wonders of the Ravelry technology (well, Casey really!), that's a total of 15340.2 metres of yarn used.  I've still got lots of yarn to use up though and once the girls are back at school, I plan on going through it all as I'm sure there's stuff that I've forgotten about.

Here's a 2012 FO mosaic:

I'll be back next week to tell a bit more about the last three photos as I don't think I blogged about the finishing of those.


  1. Great tally there Christine.

    Lovely blankets!!!!!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of makes, and they all look great!