Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Second FO of the Year

I finished my handspun socks yesterday evening:

They're very cosy and I'll enjoy wearing them, even though I doubt they'll be hard-wearing.

I also knitted up another 15g or so of my hand-spun scarf.

This means I can cast on for my Mum's scarf (I'm trying not to have too many WIPs on the go this year).

I've also got nine little skeins of handspun yarn soaking in the bathroom basin.  Actually, I'm soaking them three skeins at a time so I can remember which yarn is which.  These will become a hat, once I've finished the scarf.

I might try driving down to the shop a bit later.  Snow here means icy driving conditions and although the road's now clear, our driveway still has snow on it and the entrance to the drive we share with two other houses is now a layer of ice.

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  1. Your socks look great, and are definately the thing for this weather!