Monday, 28 January 2013

A New Project Bag

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping in Colchester and decided to be naughty and cut through the High St branch of Waterstones (it has two entrances) rather than walk a bit further up the street and cut through the little lane that runs between two blocks of shops.

I was rather glad that I decided to be naughty (I did walk through the shop trying to have the air of one who was browsing the bookshelves whilst walking through the shop) because by the till area I spotted some bags hanging up.  Very soon, I was paying for two of these (one for me, one for DD1):

Isn't it cute?  Its measurements are 25cm wide, 29cm high (body of bag) and has a 5cm gusset down the sides and a 25cm x 5cm base (d'uh - you'd probably worked that out for yourselves!).  There's a different design on the other side of the bag (which is designed by Sir Quentin Blake) but I forgot to take a photo of that side).  It's just the right size for a small to medium-sized project and is already in use.,

The bags cost £2.99 each and support The Book Bus, a charity supporting children in Africa, Asia and South America (although only 10% of the bag price goes to the charity - methinks a higher percentage would probably be possible, but I suppose 10% is better than nothing).

Anyway, it's a very nice bag and if you're on the lookout for a new project bag, then you could do worse than one of these.

This past week I've been knitting like a demon.  Once I've sewn in some ends and done a bit of blocking* and charged my camera battery, I'll be ready to do a show and tell.

*the blocking might be a bit of a problem - steaming may be the way to go - as my boiler's on the blink and I don't have any central heating at the moment which means upstairs in the house isn't really warm enough to get things dry.

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  1. I shamelessly (and regularly!) march straight through Marks and Spencers in Belfast to get to the craft shop across from Marksys back door! And if you hadn't gone through Waterstones, you wouldn't have got those great bags. I hope you get your boiler fixed, it's making me cold just thinking about it!